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“My objective is always to provide a friendly, speedy and professional delivery of legal services at an economical price.”
> Family Law
  If you are unable to settle a property distribution between you on the breakup of your marriage or de-facto relationship, I can assist ... more
> Property
  Buying, selling and re-financing of property, including houses, home units, businesses, franchises ... more
> Wills and Probate
  A will is one of the most important documents you need if you own property such as a house or unit or a share in a superannuation fund ... more
> Power of Attorney
  A Power of Attorney is a document authorizing someone else to act in your name to do things or sign documents on your behalf ... more
> Debt Collection
  I can help you collect monies that are owed to you ... more
> Litigation
  Local, District and Supreme Courts – Building Tribunal – Human Rights Tribunal ... more
> Criminal Law
  I am happy, at no fee, to discuss with you any problems you are having with the Police and to see whether I can assist you ... more
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